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Can I preview the final art before buying?

You will get to proof your final art before we print and/or frame (if you choose to purchase the acrylic float). If you don't like it, you can exercise the 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. We do this to ensure our customers are satisfied with their final product. For more information on this, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

What sort of photos shall I look for in my library?

Choosing photos for a FANCY portraits is really simple, all you need is to stick to 3 important rules:


1. High Resolution: Your photo will need to be blown-up in size to become a wall art, so make sure the images you submit are high resolution. Basically, the bigger the better – so 1 megabyte file size per image is the minimum we can work with. 

2: Cut-out Style: Imagine you are doing a cut-out collage style project. That means the photo subject and all their body parts need to be within frame. Watch out for those cut heads, arms or shoulders that are common in some creative shots. We are after simple shots, where all parts are included from the belly button up. 

3: Positioning: Make sure your subject is still and at reasonable eye level with the camera. That means, avoid shots taken while in movement such as with raised arms, wide-open mouths or closed eyes. Also, watch out for those very common shots taken from above as they create funny perspective and distorted head and body shapes. Remember, you’re after a portrait style photograph, so aim for very simple, clear and still subject positioning. Also avoid those shots where the subject is wearing hats, sunglasses, helmets, beanies and the like

Below are some examples of pictures we can use:


Below are some examples of pictures we CAN NOT use:


Below are some great examples of before and after pictures for our wall art:

before and after

Can you work with low resolution files for the fancy wall art?

No. Since the final size of the portraits will be blown-up in size, the photos need to be in high resolution. The file size should be anywhere from 1.0 to 5.0 Megabytes.


Do I need an expensive camera to take high resolution photos?

Not at all. These days even the simplest and cheapeast compact cameras  are capable of producing high enough resolution for what we need. Just make sure you set your camera to take the largest photo size. 

How many photos should I send together with my order?

Anywhere from around 4 to 9 photos. Don't waste time trying to pick the perfect photo for your wall art, just send the ones that you really like and our experienced eyes will help you choose a suitable photo, free of charge

Do you manipulate a bad photo so it becomes a good photo?

No. You need to be entirely happy with every photo that you submit as any of them could end up being your special portrait. We need a good original to start from, and from it together with non-structural digital manipulation we create your fancy wall art.

What if I don't have any suitable photos?

Easy, you take the photos yourself, especially for the wall art. Nowadays everyone has a digital camera at home that is good enough to take a high resolution image. Be sure to read the first question on this page for guidelines, it's really simple. Most importantly, have fun!

I don't have access to friends' photo library, how can I send you their photos?

Give a Fancy Gift Certificate. That way you don't have to worry about choosing photos, styles nor frames. It's worry free, and will enable your special someone to choose what they really like. Our portraits are an amazing and unforgettable gift! Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, engagement, moving-in-together, Christmas, landmark birthdays, friendship celebrations, gift for the grandparents, there are just so many occasions we can think of. Our certificates just make it that much easier to get it done, visit our gift certificate and within minutes you will be able to give a very different, personal, creative and innovative gift.


Get Fancy!